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The Must Have Fringe Dress!

Sometimes some of our outfits never make it to the website!  We make every effort to get everything posted online so our web customers can enjoy the same choices that we offer our boutique clients, but sometimes things happen. This carwash style girls fringe dress was one of those items.  Customers fell in love with the uniqueness of this dress from Les Tout Petits.  Made in the USA it features a layered look of printed scuba fabric with fringes.  Simple but anything but!  Also priced at a higher price point than many of our other vendors, we were not sure how it would be received, but like always, people expect to come to Kidz and Company to find unique, well...

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Modern and Trendy Kids Clothing - Black and Gray vs Colors

As some children's lines have introduced over the past few season more minimalist designs and gender neutral colors, as always with trends, some of the more established children's brands have followed suit.  One of the best parts of being a small boutique, and hands on with our customers everyday is to see customer reactions and how different trends and fads are received.  While the minimalist style, the black, gray, and white colorways have been received by some, others still prefer patterns and brighter colors for their children's clothing.  The majority in fact, seem to like to mix it up, and don't exclusively go with a certain style as may be the case with adults.  Patterns continue to do very well...

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Whats Hot: Kids Clothes in Pittsburgh!

We know Kidz and Company is Pittsburgh's destination boutique for babies, children, kids, and tweens, and I think the reason why is part excellent customer service and convenience, but moreso because we strive to find the most awesome children's clothing in the world.  We find boutique brands, European brands, and other great finds from everywhere, regularly read regarding trends in fashion, read industry publications, and listen to our customers responses to what they like.  This season early on we saw how from baby girls to tweens, tweed was hot!  Every style we had with tweed was a great seller!  For boys, graphic t-shirts were a huge seller, and as we get closer to the winter holiday season, nice knit sweaters...

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Pittsburgh kids fashion!

Very impressive season thus far, with many kids and parents picking the more edgy or sophisticated styles over the more traditional kids styles.  Mayoral, with its updated twist on its European fashion has been a great seller for boys, girls, and tweens.  Bitz Kids, Minishatsu, Kissy Kissy, and Biscotti have been popular as well.  Kidz and Company is happy to have become the go to destination for baby gifts, kids clothes, and tween fashion in Pittsburgh!

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Unpacking Boxes!

Unpacking boxes of new designs for the season is like opening a present!  The excitement as it arrives, as well as the surprise, as you order so far in advance you sometimes don't remember what you ordered!  So fun to see so many great fashions coming in!  Western themes and tribal prints are making their marks. Houndstooth patterns also are in style!  So many soft and comfy fabrics, cute girls dresses, and graphic tees coming in!  Now we just need to put them out to sell!!

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