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Modern and Trendy Kids Clothing - Black and Gray vs Colors

As some children's lines have introduced over the past few season more minimalist designs and gender neutral colors, as always with trends, some of the more established children's brands have followed suit.  One of the best parts of being a small boutique, and hands on with our customers everyday is to see customer reactions and how different trends and fads are received.  While the minimalist style, the black, gray, and white colorways have been received by some, others still prefer patterns and brighter colors for their children's clothing.  The majority in fact, seem to like to mix it up, and don't exclusively go with a certain style as may be the case with adults.  Patterns continue to do very well for us alongside solids and prints.  It's always fun to see customers come up with combinations that as a boutique owner we don't always think of when purchasing or matching outfits.  One of the greatest things about dressing children is the fun you can have with coming up with different combinations.  Sometimes matching is game, sometimes mismatching is what makes the outfit.  While minimalist neutrals are easy on the eyes, and make for great styles, consumers aren't afraid to try new things, and dare to be adventurous in their children's wardrobe.

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