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The Must Have Fringe Dress!

Sometimes some of our outfits never make it to the website!  We make every effort to get everything posted online so our web customers can enjoy the same choices that we offer our boutique clients, but sometimes things happen. This carwash style girls fringe dress was one of those items.  Customers fell in love with the uniqueness of this dress from Les Tout Petits.  Made in the USA it features a layered look of printed scuba fabric with fringes.  Simple but anything but!  Also priced at a higher price point than many of our other vendors, we were not sure how it would be received, but like always, people expect to come to Kidz and Company to find unique, well styled items, and the carwash girls dress by Les Tout Petits delivered!
Les Tout Petits Girl's Fringe Dress

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